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    Papers, annual reports of the St Andrews Institute for Clinical Research
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    1908 - 1924
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    Papers: A Plea for a Clinical Physiology, A Defence of the Thesis that “The Opportunities of the General Practitioner Are Essential for the Investigation of Disease and the Progress of Medicine”, The Site of Pain in Gastric Ulcer, The Site of Pain in Gastric Ulcer, A Case of Gastric Ulcer, with Characteristic Seat of Pain, Heart Pain and Sensory Disorders Associated with Heart Failure, A Preliminary Inquiry into the Tonicity of the Muscle Fibres of the Heart, Auricular Fibrillation, Observations on the Process Which Results in Auricular Fibrillation, On the Teaching of Clinical Medicine, The Theory of Disturbed Reflexes in the Production of Symptoms of Disease, A Lecture on James Mackenzie and his Message (by John Hay), The Oliver-Sharpey Lectures on Heart Failure, A Lecture on the Soldier’s Heart and War Neurosis: A Study in Symptomatology, Angina Pectoris, The Aim of Medical Education, The Soldier’s Heart, The Defects of Medical Practice, Education, and Research, The Interpretation of the Pulsations in the Jugular Veins, The Position of Medicine at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century Illustrated by the State of Cardiology, An Address on Clinical Research, Prognosis of Heart Affections from the Life Insurance Aspect, ‘Pain’ in Brain: A Journal of Neurology (ed. Percy Smith), Some Manifestations of a Healthy Heart in the Young Frequently Taken as Indications for Treatment, Microscopic Pathology, Hyperdicrotism, An Inquiry into the Cause of Angina Pectoris, Memorandum on the proposed alteration of the Rules of the College to enable Fellows to participate in Private Clinics. Annual Reports of the St Andrews Institute for Clinical Research (renamed the James Mackenzie Institute for Clinical Research in 1925): First, Second, Third (1922), Fourth (1923), Fifth (1924), Sixth (1925), Seventh (1926), Eighth (1927), Ninth (1928), Tenth (1929), Eleventh (1930), Twelfth (1931), Thirteenth (1932), Fourteenth (1933), Fifteenth (1934), Sixteenth (1935), Seventeenth (1936), Eighteenth (1937), Nineteenth (1938), Twentieth (1939), Twenty first (1940), Twenty Second (1941), Twenty Third (1942), Twenty Forth (1943), Twenty Fifth (1944), Twenty Sixth (1945). Important announcement about the finances of the James Mackenzie Institute for Clinical Research. Notes on ‘pain’. Issue of The Therapeutic Gazette dated August 15 1924. Leaflet advertising the American Journal of the Medical Sciences and other medical publications. Information about the founding of the St Andrews Institute for Clinical Research.
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